6 comments on “Love Our Lurkers Day 2017

  1. Greetings: The canery & its suite of writers produce a plethora of entertaining reading. Many of the school stories parallel my own boarding school experiences, & bring back memories of a well striped ass, either from cane prints, or the fiery signature of a bifurcated leather strap. My appointment as prefect provided an avenue of retribution for the many disciplinary thrashings I received, albeit the retribution was delivered to the younger students rather than the older staff members. I never abrogated the opportunity to leather any of the junior boys under my jurisdiction , reveled in the execution thereof. I look forward to further literary exploits in support of our common “bete noire” .

    Warmest (pun intended) Regards, Brian


  2. Well Rod
    I’ve only just stumbled across this fine collection of cane cracking bottom whacking stories and I’m enjoying them immensely!
    For me growing up in the seventies one always ran the risk of an unwelcome hiding from a grumpy teacher just for being boisterous!!
    Wholly unfair!
    But now as an adult I kind of miss those bum warming slipperings they doled out and there seems to be a demand for stories like yours which recall the way things were…
    Now the teachers are afraid of the kids!!!


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