3 comments on “The Vicar Was A Cunt (M/M) NEW!

  1. Greetings Rod: Once more you have succeeded in bringing back memories of yesteryear. The “public” school I attended as a boarder had a chapel on campus with a resident clergy, who taught “religious studies” & mathematics. He was a great aficionado of the both the tawse & the cane & took a particular delight in thrashing younger boys. I received a number of sound thrashings from him , but never experienced “going over the stool” (once situated over the stool one spread one’s bum cheeks !!) as a number of the teen boys did. A glorious wank always followed any corporal punishment I received. Thank you for yet another of your excellent tales.

    Cheers! Brian


  2. I don’t have memories like that! But I kind of wish I had! Michael’s painful, yet arousing, experiences with the strap and cane, well after he’d left school, and even voluntarily later, made for a fiery tale where discipline morphed into pleasure; and got me excited too!
    Thanks for the story.



  3. Well Rod I’ve always had a mistrust of the clergy and unfortunately there are some deeply dodgy members of that religious fraternity.
    When I was around nine or ten years of age my parents used to send myself and my brother to the local Sunday school and the old boy who ran it wasn’t an ordained priest just an enthusiastic religious nutcase along with his tiny shrewish wife.
    He’s long dead now but I remember his sermons and he seemed to be obsessed with control and sin and punishment and atonement when he would talk to us individually he would hold our faces with his huge hands and ask if we had misbehaved or been naughty or wicked he’d stare into our eyes and say God knows if you lie… he was a bit “hands on” always hands on shoulders or neck it was for me at least a bit creepy! Thankfully his hands never strayed elsewhere!!
    I could definitely see him as similar to the guy in your story or perhaps it was his wife that wore the trousers in the relationship.. anyway I thoroughly enjoyed the story…
    Are you very prolific in your writing and where do all the ideas stem from?
    Kind regards Johnny


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