2 comments on “The Vicar Was A Cunt (M/M) NEW!

  1. Greetings Rod: Once more you have succeeded in bringing back memories of yesteryear. The “public” school I attended as a boarder had a chapel on campus with a resident clergy, who taught “religious studies” & mathematics. He was a great aficionado of the both the tawse & the cane & took a particular delight in thrashing younger boys. I received a number of sound thrashings from him , but never experienced “going over the stool” (once situated over the stool one spread one’s bum cheeks !!) as a number of the teen boys did. A glorious wank always followed any corporal punishment I received. Thank you for yet another of your excellent tales.

    Cheers! Brian


  2. I don’t have memories like that! But I kind of wish I had! Michael’s painful, yet arousing, experiences with the strap and cane, well after he’d left school, and even voluntarily later, made for a fiery tale where discipline morphed into pleasure; and got me excited too!
    Thanks for the story.



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